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The 2018 Festival dates are Aug. 2-4!

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Beginning c. 1998, Anthony Horvath, Daniel Flecknoe, and Joe Shaw have been arguing over: the existence of God, morality, evolution, ‘science’, and, of course, politics. This August, they will meet again in Wisconsin, where they will continue the debate on stage under the hot lights. They are. The. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Click here for bios and more info.

(The intent is to also bring in the ‘fourth’ horseman, from Australia, but that is yet to be finalized.)

Athanatos Christian Ministries is hosting its third annual Christian and Culture Festival, Athanatos Fest, on August 2-4, 2018 in Greenwood, WI. All artistic expressions were featured: music, film, novels, drama, the visual arts, etc. In the spirit of ACM’s mission to defend the Christian faith through the arts, the festival encouraged artists to appeal as much to secular audiences as with Christian ones.

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An Interactive Dramatic Re-enactment of Jesus’ Trial, Death, and Resurrection

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Overview of events:
[More detailed schedule]

  • Wednesday, August 1: Grounds open for tent camping.
  • Thursday, August 2: Programs begin around 4 p.m.; music, film, etc
  • Friday, August 3: Programs begin around 9 a.m.., lectures, music, etc.
  • Saturday, August 4: Around 5 p.m.: “Passion Experience” an interactive dramatization of Jesus’ death and resurrection. More Details To Come [FREE ADMISSION for this part of the event]
  • Sunday, August 5th: Morning debriefing, if you are still here, but otherwise go home! (Or stay and help tear down the festival!

During the mornings and early afternoons, lecture series will be available. Beginning about mid-afternoon, several tents will be available as venues for artists. The tents will remain available during the main stage performances. [Click Here for Lecture Topics and Schedule]

Do you want to be a featured artist at this concert? Do you want to be an exhibitor? Email ACM’s executive director, Dr. Anthony Horvath, at athanatospublishing @ gmail.com


COST: (covers the entire event, including camping on site, etc.)

$40 for adults.  13-17 year olds: $10.  12 and under: Free.

If you are only coming for the Passion Experience (Saturday, August 6th), there is no cost. But please RSVP.

[See pics and videos from 2017]

[See pics and videos from 2016]


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[Archive of the 2016 Festival]