Press Kit

You can use the materials below to help promote the festival.

Blurb 1: Coming August 2-4 to Greenwood, WI: a Christian arts festival! Athanatos Fest features literature, music, and debates! Deep issues will be explored in several debates between Christians and an atheist as well as in apologetics seminars, film, and music.  Learn more at

Blurb 2: Looking for more than entertainment?  Wondering why people keep leaving Christianity and bring them back?  “Athanatos Fest” is a festival held in Greenwood, WI, Aug. 2-4, that is dedicated to promoting and defending the faith in an increasingly hostile culture, particularly through the arts such as writing, film, and music.  This year, an atheist will take the stage to debate two Christians.  A panel of people familiar with Christian persecution will discuss Christian attitudes towards immigration and refugees.  On Saturday, an a Christian  a capella will perform.  Learn more at:

Blurb 3:  Why are so many people falling away from Christianity?  What can we do about it?  “Athanatos Fest” is a festival in Greenwood, WI, Aug. 2-4, that is dedicated to addressing those questions and more.   The festival features a debate with an atheist, a panel related to Christian persecution, two film screenings, and a music concert, along with seminars related to Christian writing, apologetics, etc.  Learn more at:


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