The Passion Experience (2018)

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Almost everyone knows what a Passion ‘Play’ is. It is a re-enactment of Jesus’ death and resurrection, with an audience observing. The Passion Experience, on the other hand, is a re-enactment where the audience is immersed in the event itself, participating in it as if they had just arrived in Jerusalem to attend the Jewish Passover. Even if one is very familiar with the Gospel story, they can expect to gain new appreciation and insights into Jesus’ triumph over sin and death–not as mere articles of faith, but as actual events that occurred in real human history.

The date of the Passion Experience is Saturday, August 4th, 2017. It will begin around 5 p.m. and last 2-3 hours. It will take place on the grounds of the Athanatos Christian Arts (and Apologetics) festival in Greenwood, WI., which begins on Thursday, August 2rd. It is FREE to attend the Passion Experience.

People attending the Passion Experience only (ie, not attending the rest of the festival) should plan on arriving early in order to get familiar with the layout of the event, or, if you so desire, get yourself ‘in character’ (ie, bring your own 1st century Jerusalem costumes, etc–OPTIONAL!).

Click here for pics and videos of the festival and the 2017 Passion Experience.  (Vids at the bottom)

NEXT REHEARSAL: April 21, 2018. Greenwood, WI. 1:30 PM

Up to 150 people will be involved in putting on this event! Needed: actors and actresses to serve as the disciples, Roman guards, and crowd ‘agitators’; set construction; artists and musicians; etc.

Different levels of commitment are required based on the level of involvement a particular Biblical ‘character’ had in the real life narrative. Example: whoever is Jesus, Peter, or Pontius Pilate ought to be prepared for rehearsals and practices every 2-4 weeks in Greenwood, WI. Those applying for consideration in these roles should be able and willing to travel to Greenwood, Wisconsin on a regular basis. Applicants who live within 50 miles of Greenwood will be given preferred consideration for such roles. Other roles need only be available every 6 weeks or so. Finally, for some roles, it is only necessary that one is able to attend the festival, coming perhaps a day early (eg, arriving on Tuesday, July 31st.) In all cases, online conferencing will allow for some practice, rehearsals, training, etc.

This event is being designed to be as accommodating as possible to any who would like to be involved in some way in participating in it! Even if you live across the globe, and want to be involved, we want to find a way to plug you in!

The following roles require individuals to be within easy driving distance to Greenwood, WI. Preferential consideration will be given to applicants who live within about a 1 hour’s drive to Greenwood.

*** What is an ‘agitator’? An ‘agitator’ is someone who will be immersed within the ‘audience’ itself, providing them background information on what they are witnessing, directing the audience (while within character) to move to the next scenes, or goading them into certain actions (such as yelling ‘Crucify him!’ at the appropriate time.) The best ‘agitators’ will be those with a background in Christian apologetics and are willing and able to attend, whether in person or online, special sessions with the event director, which will further equip them on how to ‘fill in the blanks’ for the audience. ***

Cast and crew from the 2017 Passion Experience


[Level 1 involvement – Travel to Greenwood, WI. every 2-4 weeks is likely]

Chief Temple Guard*
Captain of the Guard*
Roman Guard 1*
Mary (Mother of Jesus)*
Agitator 1 (Friendly)*
Agitator 2 (Hostile)*

Those in ‘level 1’, and in particular those marked with an asterisks, are tasked with not only knowing their own roles, but additional information necessary for helping to train others performing similar roles.

[Level 2 involvement – Travel to Greenwood, WI. every 4-6 weeks is likely]

James (son of Zebedee)
Temple Officer 1*
Temple Officer 2
False Witness 1*
False Witness 2
Pharisee 1*
Pharisee 2
Pharisee 3
Mary (Magdalene)*
Joseph of Arimathea*
Roman Guard 2*
Servant Girl
Servant Man
Agitator 3 (Friendly)*
Agitator 4 (Hostile)*

[Level 3 Involvement – No travel to Greenwood required, except to the event itself. Participation in online meetings strongly advised]

Temple Officer 3
Temple Officer 4
Temple Officer 5
Roman Guard 3
Roman Guard 4
Roman Guard 5
Roman Guard 6
Claudia (Pilate’s Wife)
Pharisee 4
Pharisee 5
Pharisee 6
Agitator 5
Agitator 6
Agitator 7
Agitator 8