Used Book Trade In Program

Looking for a way to bring down your registration fee?  Bring your used books to the festival and Athanatos will give you a credit that can be applied against your 2018 registration.

Each registrant is able to trade in books up to 50% of his or her registration fee, according to the following table:

  • 15 cents a pound for soft cover books.
  • 25 cents a pound for hard cover books

Example:  John pays $40 for a ticket to the festival but has hard cover books totaling 80 pounds.  After paying for his registration and getting settled in, he goes to the trade in tent with his books.  The books are examined and weighed.  They all qualify, so he receives $20 (80 * .25 cents) on the spot.

OPTION:  instead of taking the cash, John can get a voucher worth 150% of the value of the trade in which can be used to purchase any book by an Athanatos author (at the festival only).

Example:  Instead of taking the $20, John takes a voucher for 150% of $20, which is $30.  He uses this to buy 3 books by Athanatos authors which are available for sale at the festival.


  • Books should be in good condition with spine intact and still having the full cover.
  • Books can have modest amount of notes written or text underlined within them.
  • Books cannot be damaged beyond normal wear and tear (eg, water damage, etc.)

Certain books are excluded:  supermarket romance novels and westerns, the Left Behind series, more to be added.  (We already have plenty of copies of the Left Behind series!)

Otherwise, any book of fiction or non-fiction, whether it is history, philosophy, theology, heresy, a text book, science, etc, the books will be accepted.  When in doubt, we will accept the book!

How will the used books be used?

At ACM’s sole discretion, the books may be used to create a festival book store (in future years), added to ACM’s library, or re-sold to help defray the costs associated with running the festival.